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Address: 1219-82 Anagawa, Isobe-cho, Shima-shi , Mie-ken 517-0213 JAPAN
phone: 0599-55-0226   fax: 0599-55-3319


You can see Shima Spain Village (Parque Espana) from the hostel across the water. As well as famous Ise Grand Shrine, there are many more interesting sites with religious and historic importance. You can also see pearl cultivation. Enjoy your stay!

A view from the youth hostel (summer night)

A view from the youth hostel (sunrise)
Bed Rooms -92 beds

Japanese style Tatami room/without bath (sleeps 4〜5)
Non-smoking in all rooms

Western Style dormitory/without bath (6 beds)

We have 18 rooms all with air-condition and television.
You will share the dormitory with other hostellers. Men and women will stay in separate dormitories.

Western Style dormitory/without bath (6 beds)
Dining Room


dining room (night)
Bath Room

bath 16:00-22:00
morning shower 6:30-9:00

If you arrive earlier, you can leave your baggage in the lobby until the check-in time. Smoking is only permitted in the lobby.

Check-in: 16:00-21:00
Check-out: by 9:30
Please pay when you check in
Lobby (night)

Our Hostel is closed between 9:30 and 16:00
Lights in communal area will be turned off at 22:00
Meeting Room
Check in 16:00-21:00
Check out by 9:30
Breakfast 7:30
Dinner 18:30
Communal Bath 16:00-22:00
Morning shower 6:30-9:00
Lock up 22:00
Light off in public areas 22:00

4,320yen/3 hours

washing machines and dryers

Bedrooms are located on the second floor.

While you are staying at the hostel, you can use BBQ equipment free of charge (booking required)
There are charges for consumables such as paper plates and chopsticks. Bring your own food, drinks and fuels
Free Wifi
access to Ise‐Shima: kankomie travel access

You can get your travel arranged by JNTO
→ Kintetsu
OsakaKyotoNagoyaToba → Anagawa (Toba → Anagawa 380yen)  
NaraKyotoNagoyaToba → Anagawa (Toba → Anagawa 380yen)
Anagawa station is our nearest station. Only Futsu Trains (slow trains) stop, Limited express do not stop at Anagawa station.

by train Journey Time Train companies and fare
From Nagoya 2 hours by express trains or 3 hours by slow trains Kintetsu Railway:1,890yen +limited express charge1,280yen
Nagoya → Ujiyamada → Shimaisobe → Anagawa
JR and Kintetsu JR NagoyaToba 2,380yen+Kintetsu Toba → Anagawa380yen
NagoyaIseshi → Ujiyamada → Toba → Shimaisobe → Anagawa 
From Nara 2 hours 30 mins by limited express
3 hours 30 mins by slow train
Kintetsu Railway 2,020yen +limited express charge1,560Yen
Nara → Saidaiji → Yagi → Ujiyamada → Shimaisobe → Anagawa
From Osaka 2 hours 15 mins by limited express
3 hours 20 mins by slow train
Kintetsu Railway 2,130yen +limited express charge1,560Yen
Turuhasi → Ujiyamada → Shimaisobe → Anagawa
From Kyoto 2 hours 40 mins by limited express
4 hours by slow train
Kintetsu Railway 2,360 yen +limited express charge1,850Yen
Kyoto → Yagi → Ujiyamada → Shimaisobe → Anagawa
How to find us
【Kintetsu】(From Nagoya , Osaka  Kyoto and Nara)
     Alight at Kintetsu Rail Anagawa Station. 12 minute’s walk to the hostel.
【JR】(From Nagoya , Osaka Kyoto and Nara)
     Take JR Sangu-line to Toba Station. Change to Kintetsu Rail Way and alight at Anagawa Station. 12 minute’s walk to the hostel.
By Car

From Kyoto, Osaka and Nara: 3hours (190km) Nishimeihan -freeway → Ise-freeway → Ise west IC → R32 → R61
From Nagoya : 2hours 30 min (140km) Higashimeihan -freeway → Ise-freeway → Ise west IC → R32 → R61

The city of Ise is the seat of the Ise Shrine, which is dedicated to the ancestors of the Imperial Family.
The area is well known as the home of peal cultivation.
Ise‐Shima Travel Guide: kankomie
Japan Travel Guide: Website provides useful information about Japan: JNTO
Ago Bay Cruise Offers a 50 minutes cruise around Ago Bay with a stop at the pearl cultivation workshop, where you can watch the pearl experts planting the nucleus of the peal into mother oysters. 10 minutes drive from Ise‐Shima Youth Hostel.
jnto location regional mie
Shima Spain Village This amusement park has a theme in Spain and offers enjoyment like horse ridings, hot springs and other attractions. 5 minutes drive from Ise‐Shima Youth Hostel.
kankomie spot
Isejingu Shrine This ancient shrine traces its origin back over 2000 years to the age of Emperor Suinin, when Princess Yamato selected Ise as the place to worship the gods for eternity. (30-minute drive from the hostel.) 5-minute bus ride from the Kintetsu Isuzugawa Station
kankomie spot
jnto location regional mie
Mikimoto Peral Island Mikimoto Pearl Island is a famous place where Kokichi Mikimoto became the first one in the world to have succeeded in culturing pearls .
30 minutes drive from Ise‐Shima youth hostel . 5 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Toba Station
Toba Aquarium The Toba Aquarium is always in the spotlight for its imaginative and educational programs.
30-minute drive from the hostel.  5-minute walk from the Kintetsu Toba Station
welcome kankomie
jnto location regional mie toba

To make a reservation, please tell us following sheet.
In peak season (Summer/New Year) we recommend reservation, but other season may be you can stay by walk-ins.
Peak seasons : New Year Holiday Week, late March, late April through mid-May, late July and August, school holidays,

To book your accommodation, please complete the form below. You could walk in to see if any beds are available, but we recommend to book during the following busy seasons. Peak Seasons: New Year Holiday (first week); late March; from late April to mid-May; from late July to August and other school holidays.
Option 1: by email:ise@jyh.gr.jp
Option 2: by phone: 0599-55-0226 or fax: 0599-55-3319
Option 3: by post with SAE to: Ise‐Shima Youth Hostel 1219-82 Anagawa Isobe-cho, Shima-shi, Mie-ken 517-0213 JAPAN

Booking Inquiry
E-mail   Phone  
Number of adult Male   Female  
Child ( Under 12 years old ) Male   Female  
Age of representative   Total  
Date of Check-in (dd/mm/yyyy)   by train?    Yes /No
Date of Check-out (dd/mm/yyyy)   YH member?    Yes /No
Room arrangement? Type of rooms?  
• Please complete all parts.
• If you wish to change or cancel your booking, please contact the hostel ASAP. (fee applies)
Otherwise, following fee will be charged from your card.
Change/Cancellation Fee Number of overnight stay
Up to 2nights 3-4 nights over 5 nights
30-15 days before the arrival date 0% 10%
14-07 days before the arrival date 0% 10% 20%
06-04 days before the arrival date 0% 20% 30%
03-02 days before the arrival date 20% 30%
Until 10 pm on the night before 50%
Until 5 pm on the arrival date 70%
After 5 pm on the arrival date or No-show 100%

breakfast 648yen

breakfast 648yen
coffee, tea, juice, bread, egg,
vegetables, yogurt, potato,  etc.

an example of Japanese dinner 1,296yen

Dinner on the first night needs to be requested at the time of booking. You should arrive by 18:00.
For the second night onwards, you can book your dinner when you check in.

an example of Japanese dinner 1,296yen

Please arrive before 18:00 if you are having a dinner.
Meals are served on self-service bases. Please tidy up your table after the meal.

Dormitory 1 night over 3 nights
YH member/person 3,456yen 2,700yen/night
Non YH member/person 4,320yen 3,780yen/night

You will share the dormitory with other hostellers. Men and women stay in separate rooms.
towel (S) 100yen towel (L) 100yen
toothbrush 50yen yukata 150yen

Japanese Style Tatami room
*Discount available for groups. Meals are not included in the rate
Discount applies as below except Saturday nights, Summer Holiday or New Year

Plan A : Tatami room

YH member on weekdays Non YH member on weekdays
2 persons in 1 Tatami  room 3,780yen/person 4,320yen/person
3 persons in 1 Tatami  room 3,240yen/person 3,780yen/person
4 persons in 1 Tatami  room 2,700yen/person 3,240yen/person
*Payment by cash only

Youth Hostels are run on self-service bases.
You cannot stay in your room between 9:30 and 16:00 even you are staying for another night, but you can leave your luggage in the room.
Smoking is only permitted in the smoking areas.

Check-in 16:00-21:00 Communal Bath 16:00-22:00
Check-out by 9:30 Morning shower  6:30-9:00
Breakfast  7:30 Lock up time 22:00
Dinner 18:30 Light off in Public areas 22:00